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  • Telescopic Poles Allow You To Screen Off An Area In Minutes, Reusable
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    Quick Props Telescopic Poles

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    Standard Quickprops™ are designed specifically for use in sensitive occupied areas, Quickprops™ are lightweight, strong, telescopic aluminium props for supporting our full range of temporary screening materials. 

    With various versions extending from 1.7 metres to 6 metres any length temporary screen can be delivered, installed, dismantled and removed quickly without the need for tools or fixings. No disruption or waste is created, Quickprops™ are completely reusable and all components are available, individually, from stock. Quickprops™ directly replace the need for the construction of timber frames to create a temporary screen and will effectively shield sensitive areas from disruption, dust, dirt, paint and mortar splashes, alongside creating an effective barrier between the occupied / sensitive area and your project.   

    • VARIOUS HEIGHTS All Quickprops™ close down to 1.7 metres and we have versions that extend to 4, 5 and 6 metres high. (4 Meter most popular stock item priced on this page) 
    • ANY LENGTH Used with our suggested screening materials any length Protecta Screen™ can be created. 
    • NO DAMAGE  The non marking pads secure the Quickprops™ between the floor and ceiling and require no additional fixings. 
    • NO WASTE  Quickprops™ are supplied in a reusable carrier and create no waste. 
    • NO TOOLS  No tools are required for the installation of Quickprops™. 
    • SAVE TIME  It takes minutes to install and dismantle a Protecta Screen™ using Quickprops™. 
    • CUSTOMER CARE  Given it takes only a few minutes to erect a screen you can now afford to install a Protecta Screen™ where previously you wouldn’t have time, thus creating an excellent impression on your client.
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