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    Foam Jamb Guard 2 meter

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     Protecta Screen Foam Jamb Guard™ is a high impact foam profile that provides exceptional protection from accidental collisions. Standard Size 2 Meter  

    Designed to fit most jamb widths and heights it is very quickly applied by simply pushing into place, can be cut to length and is also completely reusable. Protecta Screen Foam Jamb Guard™ is completely non marking and in most cases requires no additional taping or fixing.

    • QUICKLY APPLIED  Applied in seconds, simply push into place.  
    • DAMAGE FREE FIXING  Naturally grabs the jamb / frame without causing damage. 
    • STAYS IN PLACE  Even under impact Foam Jamb Guard ™will not dislodge. 
    • EXCELLENT IMPACT PROTECTION  Will protect against all types of site impact. 
    • COMPLETELY REUSABLE  Move from site to site, slots into itself so easily stored between projects. 
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