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    PROFORM Screed Rails, Concrete Forms 3 Meter Lengths

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    If You Work With Concrete... Read This Most Important Information...  
    Whenever you pour concrete on substantial;or small areas, our;NEW Patented PROFORM Screed Rails / 
    Concrete Forms save you a fortune in time, concrete saved, and concrete form costs. 
    Proform concrete forms are a revolutionary way to work with concrete.  
    Works on all kinds of concrete work. 
    For detailed information, downloads, videos etc, see link below...  
    The Advantages of Using Proform Concrete Forms On Your Concrete Work   
    • Reduces labour costs  
    • Saves time and money  
    • Robust and durable  
    • Lightweight  
    • Faster pouring and set up times  
    • Large areas can be poured in one time  
    • Readily available  
    • No removal of road forms  
    • No cleaning of road forms  
    • No damaging of road forms  
    • No hire of road forms  
    • No need for road forms!  
    • Integral expansion joint / crack inducer  
    • Available in 3 metre beams 
    • One person can install  
    • No need for fibre board  
    • Easy to use and join together  
    • Top strip is removable if required for sealant to be use Easy to seal concrete sections using much less sealant that traditional methods  
    • No saw cutting in concrete  
    • Can be used with roller strikers, concrete levellers, or even timber  
    • Adaptable for different depth of concrete slab  
    • Makes large pours into workable size slabs  
    • Can be used over existing old concrete if required  
    • Can be used just as a form by itself  
    • Can be used as just a crack inducer  
    • No need for timber   
    For Detailed Information, Pictures, Videos... Visit PROFORM Website HERE
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