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  • Specially Developed To Clean Composite Wooden Decking Etc.
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    Owatrol Compo-Clean 2.5LISSN: 3297976508266

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    Cleaner Degreaser For Composite Woods  Water based, Enviro Friendly  


    • Waterbased - Environmentally friendly. 
    • Removes surface and ground in dirt. 
    • Fast acting - from 5 minutes depending on the condition of the surface being cleaned. 
    • Gel formula - 
    • Does not run. Easy to apply. Does not contain solvents or paraffin. Will not attack plastic pool liners, stone, glass...    


    • Exterior use. 
    • All types of composite wood. 
    • Vertical and horizontal surfaces. 
    • Ideal for grooved decking.    


    • Always test a small area first. 
    • Protect all areas not to be cleaned, plants, shrubs etc including and especially Aluminum parts. 
    • Wear suitable protection - gloves (rubber/nitrile), goggles or visor, clothing.    


    • Apply a thick layer of COMPO-CLEAN to the area to be cleaned. Large areas should be cleaned in smaller sections. 
    • Leave the product to work for 5 minutes (longer if necessary depending on the nature of the dirt and contamination). 
    • Scrub with a stiff nylon or synthetic brush. 
    • Rinse with plenty of fresh clean water using the highest pressure source available or use a power washer (max 50 bars). If required repeat above procedure - difficult/stubborn staining. Allow surface to dry 2/3 good drying days before applying chosen finish.      

    Coverage : 5 to 10 m²/l 

    Application tools : brush - roller - hose or pressure washer 

    Application temperature : +5°C to +35°C   

    Working time : 5 min.   

    Clean-up : water 

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