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  • Concrete Leveller Spreads And Levels In One Operation.
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    Concrete Leveller, Power Screed Supplied with 1.5 Meter Blade (Standard)

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    How To Level / Screed a Truck Load of Concrete in 10 Minutes or Less.

    Amazing breakthrough in Concrete Levelling / Concrete Screeding Technology brings you a faster, easier and more profitable way to level or screed concrete slabs, patios, pavements, driveways, shed bases, concrete imprinting, concrete floors  lots more besides.  

    This Is The Fastest way for levelling / screeding concrete floors, paths, driveways, yards etc.   

    A Revolution in Concrete Leveling / Concrete Screeding

    The unique machine for spreading and levelling concrete / screeding concrete floors, paths, driveways, yards etc.
    Extremely Fast as you can see...

    The Fastest Selling Concrete Leveller / Vibrating Concrete Screed in the World! 

    See For Yourself... Over 1 million contractors builders world-wide have already watched this power screed video! (YouTube's figures - not ours) works as you see it... no gimmicks. 

    We Have Happy Customers All Over The World...

    Australia, Brasil, Canada, Dubai, France, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Libya, Malaysia, Malta,Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Russia, Taiwan, Saudia Arabia, Serbia, Spain, Suriname, United Kingdom, USA  

    Here Are Some Customers Comments..... Many More Below...

    "A good machine, we like it" Frank Fultiak, Australia 
    "It does what they said it would do" D Sorbo, Norway 
    “Yes we’re very happy with it, a good buy” Dean Jenkins - Alberta  

    Check Out MANY More Contractor's Comments / Testimonials Below

    They Speak For Themselves!

    Users regularly report total pay back of their investment in a few weeks with so much time saved on the job site... 

    Concrete Vibrating Screed supplied complete with 1.5 meter / 5 ft Screed Blade.Optional, 2.5m / 8ft + 3m / 10ft Blades.

    Because this power screed so light in weight, only one man required to operate it (average man - Not Superman!!).

    One man can level an entire truck load of concrete screed in less than 10 minutes.

    Reliable Robin / Subaru gasoline engine.

    Unique patented tecnology - horizontal vibration (NOT up and down) minimises water drawn to the surface and enables machine to be pushed forward like no other as well as back of course without sinking into the concrete!

    If Working With or Screeding Concrete is Your Business, Stop Wasting Your Valuable Time  Money... 

    Contact Us Right Now For a Quote...

    But Before You Do... Very Important Note:

    We Need To Know 2 Things.

    (1) Your Full Delivery Address:

    (2) Which Of The Two Options Below Do You Require?[2A or 2B]

    (2A) Concrete Leveller /Power Screedwith 1.5 meter blade ONLY (Standard Package)  OR... 

    (2B) Concrete Leveller /Power Screed with Additional 2.5 meter + 3 meter blades also? 

    We Deliver Concrete Power Screeds to Your Door anywhere in the World. Average shipping time is 7 days. 

    Terms: Bank Transfer on Pro-Forma. 

    Got Questions? We're To Help.

    For Fast, Friendly and Efficient Service  ‚Äč

    E-Mail, Telephone, or Fax

    Tel +353 1 830 22 50 

    E-Mail See Get Quote Above

    Fax +353 1 8300 770 

    Stop Wasting Your Valuable Time  Money... Invest in a Vibrating Concrete Screed / Concrete Leveller Now. 

    Unique Design Makes It The Only Concrete Leveller Concrete Screed Which Can Be Used Going Forward or Back (without sinking)

    Igoe International Ltd, Head Office Dublin Ireland, Celebrating 38 Years / Established 1978.

    Incroyable percée dans le nivellement (Lissage) du Béton / la Technologie pour Chape de béton vous offre un moyen plus rapide, plus facile et plus rentable pour niveler (Lisser) les dalles de béton, patios, trottoirs, allées, bases pour hangar, empreintes de béton, planchers en béton et beaucoup plus encore.

    Erstaunlich Durchbruch in Beton Niveauregulierung / Beton Unterlagsböden Technologie bringt Ihnen eine schnellere, einfachere und profitabelste Weg, um Betonplatten nivellieren, Schuppen Terrassen, Gehwege, Einfahrten, Basen, konkrete Prägung, Betonböden und vieles mehr.


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    "Concrete leveller was a great investment, a little pricey but worth every cent"

    By Kwame Geosignet Construction Ghana, Leveller

    "The three machines we bought have made money, no doubt about it"

    By Bahwan Engineering Oman, Leveller

    "We've had all makes of levellers in our hire fleet and without doubt this is the best we have ever had, our customers like it" 

    By Chadwicks Hire Centre Ireland, Leveller

    “The concrete leveler works well for us, saves much time”

    By Lootah Construction Group Saudia Arabia, Leveller

    "You will recall we were the first customer for your machine in Russia. We found your company very effecient and the machine simply fantastic. It did all you said it would and more. We have recommended it to many already"

    By Svetlana Tishkovskaya Russia, Leveller

    "So far we have bought 17 of those machines, no other comment"

    By Hongxi China, Leveller

    "We like it"

    By J Corcuera Espinosa Madrid Spain, Leveller

    "We do many concrete roofs and machine makes fast and good job"

    By Goose Insulation Sharjah, U.A.E, Leveller

    "Despite my initial doubts, it has proved its weight in gold, fast and does a good job"

    By B Eckel Melbourne Australia, Leveller

    "It does what they said it would do"

    By D Sorbo Norway, Leveller
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