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    Protecta Window 100m x .6m

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    Protecta Window™ window protection film is a self-adhesive temporary glass protection film. Suitable both for internal and external use it stops paint and plastering splashes landing directly on the glass removing the need for scraping and cleaning, which invariably leads to scratching and expensive replacement costs. 

    Simply and quickly applied, either by hand or with our specially designed applicator, Protecta Window™ will save not only on replacement glass costs but will also significantly reduce your clean up time prior to hand over. This product is not suitable for use on self-cleaning glass.  

    • QUICKLY APPLIED  Either by hand or with our specially designed dispencer. 
    • FIXING  Self-adhesive, does not require tape or additional fixing. 
    • STAYS IN PLACE  Once smoothed into position Protecta Window™ will not 'fall away'. 
    • REMOVES CLEAN  Specially formulated adhesive will not leave residue. 
    • EXCELLENT PROTECTION  Forms an excellent barrier against liquid splashes and prevents scratching. 
    • UV PROTECTED  Safe to use both internally and externally. 
    • VERSATILE  Can also be used on various non-porous surfaces.
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