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    Tack Mat Standard 30 pc Set 115cm x 45cm

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    Protecta Mat™ Standard is a low profile, tacky, dust removing mat which prevents dry debris from being walked / wheeled into a sensitive area. 

    Each mat contains 30 pressure sensitive tacky sheets which are easily peeled off when each one becomes 'full'. 

    Protecta Mat™ Standard is low profile enabling it to be safely fitted in doorways. 

    Perfect for all refurb work 

    • QUICKLY APPLIED Simply remove the protective layer and press into place.  
    • EFFECTIVE DUST REMOVAL Not only removes 'contamination' but retains it unlike traditional door mats.  
    • ANTI TRIP Low profile mat. 
    • SUITABLE FOR USE WHEN THE DOOR IS HUNG Low profile mat does not impede door opening or closing 
    • SAVES TIME Significantly reduces 'clean up' time.
    • CUSTOMER CARE IMAGE Creates an excellent image and obvious duty of care to your client.
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