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    So, the first step is to remove any loose rust as best you can. Coat the steel with Owatrol Oil which can be applied by brush, roll or spray. On horizontal areas where too much applied Owatrol Oil may be ponding, wipe off excess with a rag to prevent skinning.
    A good idea is to drill a series of holes in any box sections or sealed off panels and inject / spray Owatrol into same. Those holes can be closed up later with filler.  Keep in mind the fact that on classic and vintage cars etc where you want to finish with cellulose or two pack paints, you will need to deal with the rust with Owatrol oil first, and after that job is done, you must apply a coat of Owatrol C.I.P. (Corrosion Inhibitive Primer) which acts as a barrier coat preventing any reaction betwen the Oil based Owatrol Oil and the stronger solvent paints like Cellulose or Two Packs.

    Tip: Down underneath areas, out of sight such as floor pans, inside door panels, underbody can all be treated with Owatrol Oil and subsequently painted with any ordinary oil based paint or primer with about 20% Owatrol oil mixed in.

    TIP: Wheels etc... if you want a nice rich aluminium / silver look on your wheels, check out Owatrol Aluminim RA85. This can be even applied over slight rust and it has massive adhesion. More Below.

    TIP: Seized / Tight fasteners, cables, joints, etc - all can be loosened in minutes with TRANSYL. Also body-shop safe being silicone free. More below.

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