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    About Us

    A Real Passion

    Brendan C Igoe, owner of Igoe International Ltd, founded in 1978, has spent over 38 years working with and learning from hundreds of technicians, professionals such as architects, surveyors, engineers, interior designers, professional painters / decorators, roofing contractors, property maintenance specialists, home / property owners & builders, where he has encountered hundreds of time and energy sapping, costly problems that called for simpler, more cost effective solutions.

    To find the answers to the problems he regularly encountered, he has visited over 57 factories on all four continents to source innovative, quality products that provide cost effective solutions to those problems.

    Some of the best solutions are now available from this website.

    More About Us

    His passion is meeting and speaking with people and sharing with them solutions to some previously unsolvable problems ranging anywhere from flat roof waterproofing, condensation, waterproofing, mould on walls, cavity block wall insulation, deck cleaning, peeling paint, rusty railings, restoring a rusted classic or vintage cars or tractors, faded wood, yacht varnish, repainting kitchen cabinets and lots more.

    He has written and compiled several unique, informative e-books and reports on the above subjects some of which are available to you on this website.

    We hope you find this website helpful and informative.


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