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    This section relates to plastics, glass, etc

    Wall Patch 6" x 6"

    Patch a hole in drywall in minutes with the Wall Patch. Metal self-adhesive patch adheres to wall to cover hole.

    Multi Use Red - Protective Film

    Protects many surface types against spills, splatters etc. Removes clean

    Fibreglass Mesh Tape

    Fibreglass Mesh Tape is a strong reinforcing tape which strengthens joint between drywall boards to resist movement damage

    Zip Door Kit (Standard door size)

    Self-adhesive stick on zip doors that create a sealable doorway on your Protecta Screen™.

    Keeper Straps 8 pc set

    Keeper Rubber Tie Downs, strong, durable, last for years.

    Foam Jamb Guard 2 meter

    Prevents costly damage to door frames during renovation / construction

    Wall Guard 5"

    Protects drywall and plasterwork from bangs and damage

    PROFORM Screed Rails, Concrete Forms 3 Meter Lengths

    Proform Concrete Screed Rails, Crack inducers, Expansion Joints, save time, materials and do better job

    Screening Material Flame Retardent 4m x 25m

    Flame Retardant Certified to LPS1207. white Screening Material creates an effective barrier with used with our Quickprops™ to create a temporary screen.

    Plaster Beads 2m

    Perfect where render meets windows, doors etc. No gap, no silicone required, even finish. Ask for sample.

    Protecta Board 50m x 1m x 2mm roll

    Impact protection suitable for most surfaces during refurbishment or construction

    Protecta Carpet 100m x .6m

    Protecta carpet from dirt and spills. Durable, long lasting and removes clean without residue

    Tack Mat Standard 30 pc Set 115cm x 45cm

    Low profile, tacky, dust removing mat which prevents dry debris from being walked / wheeled into a sensitive area.

    Protecta Window 100m x .6m

    Stops dirt and mess getting on to glass during construction. Plaster, paint spatters are very costly to remove. Save money on your site now.

    OOPS! Cleaner

    Removes dried in emulsion paint, spatters, stains, water-based, biodegradable, no bad odour, does not harm plastics etc

    Quick Props Telescopic Poles

    Quickprops™ are lightweight, strong, telescopic aluminium props for supporting our full range of temporary screening materials. 4 sizes available.

    Dust n' Dirt Stopper

    Essential for all job sites, this reusable heavy duty dust screen for doors stops dust and mess from travelling and saves clean up time and costs

    Owatrol Polytrol

    Owatrol Polytrol is a unique polish and reviver for faded plastics, paintwork, metals and lots more. Photo shows both plastic and paintwork revived on an old car door.

    Crocodile Clip, The Smart Tie Down Clips

    Locking tarp clip makes it easy to add tie down to tarps, works well with bungees etc.

    Owatrol ESP Primer

    ESP Primer Owatrol ESP, ESP Paint Shiny Surfaces No Sanding Dust Mess

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