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    Multi Use Red - Protective Film

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     Multi Use Red™ works on the principal that the best type of protection is one which stays in place. 

    Being self-adhesive it is quickly and simply applied to most hard surfaces such as worktops and kitchen units and will protect against scratches, dirt, dust, spills and splashes. Specially formulated, Multi Use Red™ will remove clean and it's obvious colour sends a clear signal that it is protecting a finished sensitive surface. 

    • QUICKLY APPLIED  Simply roll out and smooth into place. 
    • FIXING  Self adhesive, does not require tape or additional fixing.  
    • STAYS IN PLACE  Being self-adhesive, once applied Multi Use Red™ will stay in place ensuring your surface is constantly protected. 
    • LEAVES NO RESIDUE  Special technology ensures that the adhesive remains on the product and doesn’t transfer to the protected surface upon removal. 
    • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH  Puncture and tear resistant. 
    • WATERPROOF  Stops contamination from spills. 
    •  HYGIENIC  Can be swept or vacuumed prior to removal, avoids the spread of contamination.
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