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    The Solution is easier than you might imagine.

    Remove all loose pieces of concrete. Use a hammer and appropriate chisel. (Always use eye protection in case of flying material)

    Apply Owatrol Oil on top of the rusted exposed steel reinforcing bar which will protrude from deep within the concrete. Because of its enormous penetrating properties, the Owatrol will wrap itself around the bar and assuming enough is aplied, will follow the bar into the concrete at both ends. The Owatrol, being three times wetter than water, will penetrate and travel along the bar inside the concrete thereby driving out all hidden moisture and oxygen (rust food) and seal them out. Remove any excess Owatrol with a cloth and allow to dry over 24 hours minimum. If time is a problem, don't worry about not getting to the next stage as the rust is now stopped.

    Next step, make up a sand and cement mix and apply over the bar to replace the original broken concrete profile. Smooth off to match the surrounding concrete and allow to dry / cure.
    The problem will now be solved and concrete can be painted as required.

    To paint, see Shop by Problem - Peeling Paint.


    Rusted Gates, Railings
    Restoring or treating rusted steel / iron railings and gates must be one the most tedious of jobs. Even worse, a few months after you finish this massive work - rust is appearing all over it again.

    See detailed How-To below. This will show you exactly what to do to get your railings / gates etc in tip top condition with minimum work, cost and maximum life span.

    RUST STAINS on Concrete, Stone etc: Net-Trol (below) will remove rust stains from concrete, stone, wood etc in minutes.

    TRANSYL is the most effective oil when it comes to releasing or freeing out tight or seized bolts, fixtures etc.


    Farm outbuildings, haybarns etc develop two main problems... rust and peeling paint, both very unsightly.

    Important Safety Notice: Working on roofs can be dangerous - make sure you follow all safety procedures. Be extra vigilent where clear perspex roof sheeting is present.

    You will be pleased to discover that both of those annoying problems can be dealt with in a very cost efficient manner. 

    Here's How:

    First, using a power washer, remove all blistered and peeling paint and any loose rust flakes. No need to scrape off or wire brush tight rust because our system uses that as part of a treated protective layer.

    Best Value Option: Minimum work, minimum outlay and you get a job that will outlast all your previous hayshed paint jobs. 
    Using a small roller or brush / even a clean sweeping brush, apply a coat of Owatrol Oil to all rusted patches taking care to ensure adequate applied to fastener heads, overlapping rusted sheets etc. (In the event that there are holes in the sheeting, before you paint, you can patch those quickly and easily with our Gaco Roof Tape (2" x 50 ft roll).

    Allow the Owatrol to dry for at least 24 hours. If time or weather does not allow you back in 24 hours, don't worry. Any time up to a wek or two will be ok to finish the job because the Owatrol will have sealed up and dealt with the rusted patches.

    To finish and get a result that will outlast all others by at least three times, do the following.

    Choose a good quality oil based oxide paint (any colour of your choice).
    Add 20% Owatrol Oil to the oxide paint, i.e. 4 parts oxide to 1 part Owatrol and apply. This will guarantee no more peeling oxide paint and the gloss will remain for years without dulling as happens with other options.

    Better Option: More costly and a bit more work (no surprises there!)
    Powerwash as per above:
    Apply a coat of Owatrol over the entire roof using method described above. (Entire coverage of roof will ensure no misses)
    After 24 hours (see above) apply a coat of oil based oxide paint which has 20% Owatrol Oil added to the oxide paint. i.e. 4 parts Oxide to 1 part Owatrol oil.  

    The bottom line here is... when you use the Owatrol / Oxide system per above, your sheds will look superb, will last for years with no rust and will not go dull from the sun for years and years.


    NOTE: If you would like a silvery finish, perhaps on certain areas like girders, use Owatrol Aluminium RA85. Will not peel or flake and lasts for years.

    NOTE: If you have a workshop for your own machinery repairs etc, check out TRANSYL below. You will NOT find a more potent/ useful oil anywhere, guaranteed. If you are not thrilled with this - we give you your money back.


    There are few maintenence issues as frustrating as trying to open some seized or tight assembly, screws, nuts, locks, bilge pumps etc. Apply too much pressure and you break it! Apply too little and you fail also. There is only one reliable answeer to this problem. Apply TRANSYL liberally to the seized or corroded part and let it soak for a while. Usually 15 minutes is enough but you can leave it on as long as you wish - even overnight, and you will discover that you can easily open that previously seized bolt, screw, lock etc. If TRANSYL does not loosen that part - you've got a serious problem. TRANSYL is available in handy 400ml aerosol spray can and a 1 litre tin. (Larger sizes available on request).

    TRANSYL is Silicone Free... If you are involved in spray painting for example in auto body shops, TRANSYL is silicone free and is the ideal oil for those conditions.

    TRANSYL Used as a cutting oil... TRANSYL due to its unique properties works extremely well as a lubricant while drilling or tapping / threading etc.

    TRANSYL Used as a lubricant... Transyl used as a lubricant does not collect dirt, fibres etc. This makes it ideal for use on textile machinery etc because it does not clog up the looms, bobbins etc.

    More Info below

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