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    Faded hardwood Garden Furntiture


    Weathered / Dirty Decking / Hardwood Garden Furniture, Cladding... Previously Oiled / treated:

    Unlike the Net-Trol solution for faded, dirty un-oiled wood etc, for a proper solution on previously oiled woods you must remove any remaining oils hidden beneath the surface prior to re-oiling etc. Aquanet or the stronger Prepdeck will 'strip out' any remaining decking oils, teak oils etc. TIP: BEFORE you decide which solution you think might suit your situation, carry out this simple (no-cost) test... Place a few drops of water on various sections of the (dry) wood and leave for 15 minutes or so. Then check to see if water droplets have soaked in or are still remaininig on the surface of the wood. If the water droplets have soaked in - Net-Trol cleaner will do a good job. If water did not soak in, or it took a long time to soak in, it means some previous coating / oils are still present and you need something stronger like Prepdeck or Aquanet below to strip out any hidden oils etc. Note: If the decking etc has some other surface coating applied (like a paint) you would require a paint stripper like Owatrol Dilunett to remove that.

    If, after stripping / cleaning,  you wish to treat the decking with a non peel product, consider the Textrol range below or for hardwoods consider the Deks Olje D1. Neither product will peel or flake off.

    If you want a complete change, i.e. a solid colour option, your answer is Owatrol EB mixed 2:1 (minimum) with any make / colour water based masonry paint. (2 paint:1 EB). Remember it will be a paint and will be subject to normal wear and tear from feet etc but is easily 'topped up' to revive. The EB added to the masonry paint makes the paint stick. Without EB or not enough EB in the mix, the paint will not stick properly to the wood.

    Composite Decking (artificial wood)  is usually sold as a no maintenence decking etc. However, anything that is exposed to the Sun's UV rays will deteriorate the look of that material over time. Composite decking is no exception. We offer two products to restore composite decking. First is Compo-Clean designed to clean the composite material without harming it, and the other product is Compo-Care, available in Grey and Brown which will bring that new look right back again.


    If you've got new wood to take care of, check out Seasonite. Seasonite is intended for new wood and its main purpose is to allow that newly sawn / planed wood to settle down and weather without cracking, splitting or warping. If you apply oils etc to new wood before the pores have had a chance to open and become receptive, the oils will not penetrate as deep as would be advisable and the wood will need a top up sooner. The recommended approach to new exposed wood is, treat it initially with Seasonite. Leave it for about 6 to 12 months to weather. As it will fade while exposed, for best results, clean the wood with Net-Trol (will get rid of the grey, bleached look) and after it dries out properly, oil it with two coats of Textrol. If you install a new deck etc in Spring, you could leave the wood to weather naturally for a few months and then clean it with Net-Trol and oil later with Textrol. If you install new wooden decking late in the year when 'oiling' is difficult due to weather conditions etc, a good idea is to apply a coat of Seasonite as soon as possible after installing the deck and leave it until mid following year to weather prior to oiling etc as above. Seasonite applied to new decking etc late in the year will stop serious damage by rain, frost etc being caused over the winter months. An important point also is that Seasonite contains a fungicide which helpsprevent the growth of slippery algae on the decking over the winter months.


    Weathered / dirty decking / hardwood garden furniture, cladding... NOT previously treated or any oil applied a few years ago has long since burned off:

    Weathered or dirty wood can easily be brought back to life with Net-Trol. It is very easy to use and brings astonishing results in less than 30 minutes.

    After you have restored the colour to the wood and when it has dried out properly, you can 'lock in' that beautiful new wood look with one of the three, non-peel, anti UV Textrol's show below.

    Note 1: Textrol Clear will look like water on your wood. Textrol Golden Oak a bit darker and Textrol Rustic Oak - the darkest of the three will be somewhat 'teaky' looking. Textrol Golden Oak may be slightly darker than you might like initially, but it weathers towards Clear look over a year or so and lasts longer that Clear. A good option to save work and cost. Textrol Golden Oak is the most popular choice for Cedar decking and cladding.

    Note 2: If you want to stretch the life of your coating, the darker the Textrol you opt for - the longer it lasts before it fades and requires re-coat.

    Note 3: Unlike cheaper decking oils etc, Textrol does not peel or flake or require sanding. Because of this, most Architects specify Textrol when they want a quality, non-peel, anti-UV oil for exterior wood.


    Wooden fencing can be kept looking great with Textrol oils, or you could opt for something totally different - a solid colour... brown, blue etc.

    If you like that 'wood look', we suggest you consider one of the three Textrol's, the premium quality, non-peel, penetrating, anti-UV wood oils.

    If you would like a low maintenence  'solid colour' like blue, brown, black, white or whatever, a great idea is to choose any good quality water based Masonry paint and add Owatrol EB to same at a ratio of minimum 2:1 or preferably 1:1  (Paint to EB). This little known amazing solution will leave your fence (or most exterior wood) looking fantastic for years...longer than any oils which need to be topped up regularly. This Masonry Paint / EB combination gives you the option of any colour you want and you are not restricted to the very limited 'ready made fence paints' available in most DIY / paint / hardware outlets.

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