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    See Refine Search: Faded Wooden Decking, Cladding, Garden Furniture below.

    Plastics, Fibreglass & Old Gloss Paints etc can become very dull and lose their original colour completely. You can now revive faded plastics, uPVC, Aluminium and other substrates with another Owatrol product called Polytrol. See Refine Search: Faded Plastics, Fibreglass below.


    Weathered / dirty decking / hardwood garden furniture, cladding... NOT previously treated or any oil applied to the wood some years ago has long since burned off:

    Weathered or dirty wood can easily be brought back to life with Net-Trol. It is very easy to use and brings astonishing results in less than 30 minutes.

    After you have restored the colour to the wood, and when it has dried out properly, you can 'lock in' that beautiful new wood look with one of the three, non-peel, anti UV Textrol's show below.

    Note 1: Textrol Clear will look like water on your wood. Textrol Golden Oak is a little bit darker and Textrol Rustic Oak - the darkest of the three will be somewhat 'teaky' looking. Textrol Golden Oak may be slightly darker than you might like initially, but it weathers towards Clear look over a year or so, and because it contains some pigment, it lasts longer that the Clear. Golden Oak is a good option if you want to save work (re-treating sooner) and cost. Textrol Golden Oak is the most popular choice for Cedar decking and cladding.

    Note 2: If you want to stretch the life of your coating, the darker the Textrol you opt for - the longer it lasts before it fades and requires re-coat.

    Note 3: Unlike cheaper decking oils etc, Textrol does not peel or flake or require sanding. Because of this, most Architects specify Textrol when they want a quality, non-peel, anti-UV oil for exterior wood.

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