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    Speed Heater Paint Stripper

    The ultimate Paint Stripper for removing paint and varnish etc from wood. Fast, safe, and efficient. The more paint to strip - the better it works. Just place the Speed Heater Paint Stripper over the section, leave a minute or so and you will see the paint bubble and lift.

    Engine Driven Airless Spray Pump

    Taiver HTP 2100 engine driven airless spray pump

    Simply Elegant - Imagine!

    Apply 2 colours at the same time for an amazing, unique finish. Twin head roller applies your two chosen colours at the same time.

    Pro Shield 36"

    Pro-Shield Painting Mask for the bigger painting jobs. Just hold it up against the edge of area you want to protect from splashes, splatters etc and save cleanup time.

    Speed Rollers

    1000 sq ft / hour (92m2) compared with 250 sq ft / hr (23 m2) dip and roll.

    Door Stackers

    Door Painting System. The world's fastest way to spray paint doors. Easy to stack, store. Built tough to last decades. (Priced per pair)

    Dust n' Dirt Stopper

    Essential for all job sites, this reusable heavy duty dust screen for doors stops dust and mess from travelling and saves clean up time and costs

    Speedheater Cobra Paint Remover

    Speedheater Cobra is very effective and convenient for both interior and exterior paint removal , windows, furniture and all types of joinery details . This model is designed with optimum heating surface for access into corners and tight spaces. 

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