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  • Excellent Cleaner Restorer For Faded Wood, Plastics, Removes Rust Streaks From Stone etc
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    Owatrol Net-Trol

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    Cleans  restores faded wood, stone, concrete, plastics, amazing results.

    Wood cleaner and colour restorer – restores greyed, weathered wood to its original look (See Video) 

    • Lightens and restores colour to all greyed, weathered wood without bleaching 
    • Non-aggressive – harmless to plants, shrubs and surface being cleaned 
    • Also cleans and rejuvenates, plastic, gel coat, stone and cement 
    • Fast-acting – restores wood to its natural colour in just 15 minutes 
    • Can be used as a neutraliser after using Dilunett, Aquanett or another stripper   


    • Restores colour to all greyed weathered wood without bleaching. 
    • Cleans and neutralises staining caused by tannins. 
    • Removes all traces of weathering attributed to mould, mildew, pollution … 
    • Restores lustre to plastics dulled by weathering and UV rays. 
    • Use as a neutraliser after using Dilunett, Aquanett or Prepdeck. 
    • Excellent degreaser for tropical hardwoods prior to applying Deks Olje D1 saturator 
    • Non aggressive – harmless to plants and shrubs. 
    • Biodegradable – Does not contain solvents or bleach – rinse with water.  

    Where to use 

    • Exterior wood – weathered grey or dirty: Cedar, Larch, Pine (pressure treated or not), Teak, Iroko, Ipe 
    • Horizontal or Vertical surfaces : cladding, fences, decks (boat  garden), garden furniture… 
    • Other surfaces: rust stained cement, discoloured stone, plastic, GRP.  
    • Net-Trol is also used to neutralise a surface after stripping with Dilunett
    • Net-Trol is used to neutralise after stripping off decking oil etc with Prepdeck (Stripper Cleaner)  


    • Shake container well before use. 
    • Wet surface with fresh, clean water. 
    • Apply Net-trol with a synthetic brush or roller (long pile). 
    • Agitate surface with a stiff nylon/synthetic brush. 
    • Leave to stand for approx 10-20 minutes. If surface starts to dry, dampen with a mist application of water 
    • Scrub surface with a stiff nylon/synthetic brush whilst rinsing with water or use a pressure washer (max. 60 bar). 
    • If required repeat procedure. 
    • Refer to packaging for instructions. 


    Coverage : 5 to 10m²/l 

    Application tools : Stiff bristle - brush 

    Application temperature : 5°C to +35°C 

    Working time : 5 to 20 min. 

    Clean-up : Water 

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    “Net-trol brought my garden chairs back to life, fantastic product. I’ve told four of my friends about it and showed them the chairs, they will be buying it also” 


    By E Conway Home Owner, Net-Trol

    “Just to let you know how unbelievably pleased I was with the Net-trol I bought yesterday. The previous cleaner I tried (name withheld) I had to scrub in with wire wool and this met with only limited success. I applied the Net-Trol to the worst areas neat and watched the black marks dissolve before my eyes. On other areas I used a diluted 1:1 mix with equally spectacular results. Even though it is recommended to leave it for 20-30 minutes the marks were gone in 5 ! I don't think the deck was this clean when I first laid it. Whenever you see those before and after pictures on a product like this I tend to disbelieve them but in this case, the product really was that good. I have already recommended it to 3 of my friends." 

    By Andy Stone – Home Owner, Net-Trol

    "We recently purchased your products; Net-trol Wood Cleaner & Textrol Finishing Oil in clear as part of a refurbishment programme on our Village Cricket Pavilion.

    We found the Cleaner very efficient, it brought the cedar shingle roof back to life and the Finishing Oil gave it back it’s depth & protection. The overall result was very impressive.  Both products were easy to use & clear instructions were given. We would certainly use them again."





    By J Rogers Refurbished Cricket Pavillion, Net-Trol

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