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  • Power, Yet Not Harmful Wood Cleaner
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    Aquanett Owatrol Wood Cleaner 2.5 LitreISSN: 3297975405610

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    Eco Friendly Remover - Teak & Other  Wood Oils Fast  

    Solvent-free wood oil remover which strips new and old oils from severely weathered wood

    •Removes previously applied oils including teak oil from any wood surface

    •Restores the natural colour of the wood

    •Gel consistency will not run making it ideal for vertical surfaces

    •Prepares wood for a new coating, improving penetration and adhesion

    •Suitable for environmentally sensitive areas


    •Removes teak and other oils from all woods blackened by UV rays.

    •Gel consistency.

    •Ready to use – Easy Application

    •Oils are dissolved in water.

    •Ready to use.

    •Easy application.

    •Does not contain solvent or paraffin.


    Where to use

    •Apply direct on wood : outdoor furniture, decking etc  (Except oak & chesnut)


    •Apply a thick layer of Aquanett to surface to be stripped.

    •Allow to stand 5 minutes max.

    •Apply 2nd application as soon as wet look of 1st application has disappeared and allow to penetrate (15 – 20 minutes)

    •Scrub surface with stiff nylon brush and rinse with water using the highest pressure source available or use a pressure washer (max. 60 bar).

    •Using hot water makes stripping easier.

    •Always neutralise surface after with Net-trol diluted 4:1.


    Coverage : 4 m²/l

    Application tools : stiff bristle - brush

    Application temperature : 5°C to +35°C

    Working time : 5 mins.

    Clean-up : Water



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