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  • Deks Olje D1 Is Known All Over The World As A Saturator and Protector For Hard And Other Wood.
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    Owatrol Deks Olje D1ISSN: 3297971108317

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    Saturating Wood Oil, Interior, Exterior, Hard Woods, Boats & And Home Saturating Oil For Interior And Exterior Hardwood With a Clear Satin Finish – Protects From Within 

    Saturating oil for interior and exterior hardwood with a clear satin finish – protects from within

    • Ideal for use on new oak and tropical Hardwoods – perfect for dense wood species 
    • Penetrates the wood fully and protects from within 
    • Extremely thin oil which saturates the wood, literally feeding it from within 
    • Easy maintenance – no sanding or stripping 
    • Replaces the natural oils lost from the wood and will not blacken the timber 


    • Can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces. 
    • Saturates and protects all woods – Soft and Hard; Oily and Dense. 
    • Excellent penetration – non-film forming. 
    • Replaces the natural oils lost from the wood – will not blacken the timber. 
    • Transparent – Enhances the natural grain of the wood. 
    • Deep penetrating, stabilises the wood – Protects against moisture ingress. 
    • Easy maintenance – no sanding or stripping. 
    • Used alone, gives a silken matt finish or overcoat with Deks Olje D2 for a high gloss finish 

    Where to use 

    • Hardwoods and Tropical Timber : Oak, Chestnut, Teak,Mahogany, Movingui, Ipe, Bangkirai
    • Softwoods : Pine, Larch, Spruce 
    • Exterior : garden furniture, hardwood windows and doors, patios, walkways, boat decks, topsides on boats, portals … 
    • Interior : paneling, stairs, doors, windows, door frames … 
    • Marine : Can be applied above or below the water line. Excellent primer for conventional single pack marine coatings. 
    • Horizontal – Vertical. 


    • Apply a coat of D1 – Allow to penetrate for 15-30 minutes. 
    • Apply a second application. Allow to penetrate for 15-30 minutes. 
    • Repeat this procedure until the wood is saturated i.e. will accept no more oil. 
    • Once the timber is saturated, brush out or wipe up any excess product that has not penetrated to avoid shiny spots. 
    • Do not allow D1 to become touch dry or dry between coats (apply “wet on wet”). 
    • Refer to the packaging for maintenance procedure.

    Multicoat coverage :1 to 4 m²/l

    Coverage rate for maintenance :8 to 12 m²/l

    Application tools :Brush - Roller

    Application temperature :5°C to +35°C

    Drying :24 h.

    Setting up time before use :3 days.

    Clean-up :White-Spirit

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    "We used deks D1 on our hardwood garage doors following great advice from Igoe's and I have to say I would'nt use anything else now"

    By A Beausang Home Owner Co Dublin, D1

    "I have used The Deks Olje D1 on my teak gate very large on and it is fantastic, no peeling and the water is running of it I will reapply 2 to 3 more application after the winter is over,Il send you a photo should you like to see it.Thank you for your help at the time of my enquiry."

    By Jacques Jardin Home Owner, D1

    "I agonised a long time over the finish but settled on Deks Olje, a synthetic oil. I knew that my boat Grebe was not going to spend very long in the water at a time, so perhaps the finish would not be too critical. Also, at home she was to live in the garage in the same space that she was constructed (sorry, car #2) and so would not be exposed to the elements. I've been very happy with the decision. Coating with Deks Olje is very easy (though it can take a couple of days to dry properly in cold weather). In particular, touching up scratches is almost ridiculously simple - a light sand and a dab of the oil with a cloth or cheap brush and you can't detect where it's been done."

    By Name witheld - Boat owner, D1

    "I've been building wooden boats all my life and the deks D1 is the only oil id use"

    By M O'Boyle Boat Builder Donegal, D1

    “We came across Owatrol oil after using Deks Olje D1 a sister product on hardwoods. Now I keep my 69 Wolsey Hornet rust free with Owatrol. Unbeatable I’d say.”

    By Bonmahon Joinery restored a 69 Wolseley Hornet, Owatrol Oil Rust

    "We have a large hardwood deck and decided to use the d1 after advice, soaked in and stays natural looking"

    By S Casey Home Owner Dublin 15, D1

    “The total restoration of the 15th century castle built by the de Burgo clan in Claregalway has taken several years and is nearing completion. Irish green oak wood was selected for all the doors, roof, gallery, windows and following the strong recommendation of the Woodright Paul Price, we treated all the oak with your Deks Olje D1 oil and we are extremely happy with it. Looks great. Call in if you are in the area.

    By Mike Herwood Claregalway Castle, D1

    Martin said…“We would not dream of using anything else now for varnishing”

    By M Bradley Derry Decorator, D1

    "We came across the Owatrol oil after using its sister product the deks olje D1 on hardwoods. Now I keep my 69 Wolseley Hornet rust free with Owatrol. Unbeatable I'd say"

    By Bonmahon Joinery / Hardwoods, D1

    When the OPW wanted to treat the windows and doors on Stately Home Farmleigh House in Dublin’s Phoenix Park, (visited recently by US President Obama, Queen Elizabeth & many other visiting dignatories), they used Owatrol Deks Olje D1 and D2

    By OPW Farmleigh House Dublin, D1

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