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  • Stir in bonding primer for all water borne paints - huge time and work saver
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    Owatrol EB Primer ISSN: 3297970707900

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    Stir-In Primer "Welds" Emulsions and Masonry Paints To Virtually Any Surface and Stops Paint Peeling  

    • EB is added to first coat of any water based paint - eliminates the need for time consuming, application of a separate coat of primer / stabiliser.  Not For Clears - Only Paint.
      No point in painting walls etc if the paint only blisters and peels of again - all that work and expense for nothing. When you use EB as part of your FIRST coat, you can rest assured that your paint will stay where you put it!

    [Note: First coat means first coat of current painting job, irrespective of whether it is a new or previously painted wall]

    • Bonds water based paints to chalky, powdery or porous surfaces.  
    • Added to first coat (only) of interior emulsion over new plasterwork ensures paint does not peel off  
    • Improves hiding power and coverage  
    • Allows you to use masonry paints on wide range range of substrates for long life, no peel results… example wooden fencing – paint any colour, cladding, decking spindles, terracotta pots, paving slabs etc 
    • EB is a stir-in bonding additive for all water based paints, exterior and interior.  
    • Can be used on all surfaces and is especially suitable for unstable, chalky and powdery surfaces as well as for difficult surfaces such as glass, plastic, wood, varnished surfaces etc.  
    • Can be mixed into the first of paint or used neat. Most common mix ratio is 3 parts paint to 1 part EB but can be stronger for really bad surfaces. Example: 10L bucket of emulsion. Pour out 2.5L (1/4) into another bucket and replace it with 2.5 L of EB.. this tops up the 10L again but 1/4 of the contents is EB... 3:1 mix. Calculate that the 2.5L of paint you poured out earlier can be part of what you need for the second coat.

    Properties  [VIDEO Shows A Plastered Wall That Was Painted Without A Proper Primer... Paint Fell Off]

    • EB mixed into first coat of any water based paint, soaks deep into the substrate or grips to shiny surface and does away with the need for a separate coat of stabiliser... thereby saving you work and money.  
    • Increases paint hiding power - ensures even coverage and maximum adhesion between the first and second coat of paint.  
    • EB’s high solids maintains the inherent characteristics of the paint and increases paint coverage by up to 20%.  
    • Stops paint peeling from surfaces prone to same.  
    • Enables you apply water based paints to vast variety of substrates otherwise not possible without risk of peeling.    


    • Always test for compatibility; for use in water based paints only. 
    • Make sure the surface is clean and free from grease; remove any flaky paint.  
    • Ratios of mix required. Basic rule is, the worse the substrate, the stronger the mix. Chalky walls, minimum of 4:1 (4 paint : 1 EB) Average flaky walls, 3:1, badly flaking wall 2:1 and in extreme cases use 1:1 or even neat. For non-masonry surfaces such as wooden fencing etc a 3:1 ration minimum in exterior quality masonry paints is recommended. Allow to dry for 24-48h.)  
    • Use E-B in first coat of paint only. 
    • After application of the EB/paint mix allow to dry aprox 4 hours. 
    • EB is added to first coat only. Apply second coat of paint without E-B.    


    Application tools : brush, roller, airless spray.

    Application temperature : 5°C to +35°C 

    Drying time : 2 to 4 h. 

    Recoating time : 4 h

    Clean up : Soap + Water (Brushes etc may need additional wash with white spirit) 

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    “Over the years we get a lot of products introduced to the market claiming all sorts of benefits and improvements which in a substantial number of cases do not live up to expectations, consequently I was introduced to Owatrol with a certain amount of understandable scepticism. After using Owatrol products since 1997, I am glad to say that in my experience they have provided most of the benefits claimed by the manufacturers. I It’s the best product I’ve ever seen on rusty gates etc.”

    By Peadar Keogh Keogh Decorators Kerry, EB

    “I use it all the time in masonry paints, guarantees grip and makes paint go a bit further also.”

    By R Toner Painter Decorator, EB

    “We used it on facia’s and soffitts that had been painted with distemper ages ago, they were in a bad way. We used the E-B in an exterior masonry paint and it has not budged since.” 

    By P Sinnott Painter Decorator, EB

    "It took me a while to build up the courage to use it, but now I will not do any bad wall without adding EB to the first coat of paint"

    By Mark Andersen Decorator Bray , EB

    “I would not do any exterior wall that was dodgy with having E-B in my first coat of paint.” 

    By Bernard Quinn Painter Decorator , EB

    “I had a wall that was so chalky/dusty I could not clean it. I told my client we needed to put EB through the paint to make it stick….I spoke to my client recently and 10 years on the paint has not moved”

    By Declan Orr Painter Decorator, EB

    “I used it in a good quality masonry paint and found it gave me an excellent one coat job with a two coat look, ideal for price sensitive jobs.”

    By J Jenkinson Painter Decorator, EB

    “We recommend it all the time for freshening up roof tiles with masonry paint.” 

    By M Kelly Painter Decorator, EB

    “I used to use stabiliser on difficult exterior surfaces, but now I only use E-B because it saves me a lot of time applying a separate stabilising coat and it never lets me down. I tell all my friends about it also.” 

    By David Messitt Painter Decorator, EB

    “One particular job we had was a large factory building with very flaky walls. Could have been potential trouble but by using E-B not one inch of paint came off afterwards.” 

    By M Keeley Painter Decorator, EB

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