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  • The safe but strong cleaner, does not harm plastics, even removes dried in emulsion
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    OOPS! Cleaner

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    Professional painter decorators rely on Oops! Painter's Choice for fast and easy removal of stains, emulsion paint spatters without harming the surface below.  

    Oops is water-based, readily biodegradable and has no harsh solvent or odour.  

    Oops removes wet and dried in emulsions spills, splatter, overspray and imperfections.  

    Also great for water-based varnish, shellac, arts & craft paints, caulks and adhesives.  

    Quick, easy and effective safe to use on virtually any surface including most plastics, brick, furniture, carpeting, woodwork, clothing, brushes, spray equipment, vinyl, wood panelling, wool, shoes, metal and glass surfaces, Formica, melamine, permanent marker, ink, lipstick, crayon, nail polish, grease, adhesive residue.

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