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    Owatrol Transyl

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    Heavy Duty Releasing and Lubricating Oil ForMost Challenging Applications 

    • Releases – unlocks tight or stuck mechanisms seized by rust and oxidation 
    • Penetrates – has unparalleled ‘wetting’ abilities and spreads into all hidden areas quickly 
    • Lubricates – outstanding fluidity and lubricating ingredients 
    • Cleans – excellent cleaning agent – removes dirt, grime and grease 
    • Protects – leaves a thin protective film on surfaces to shield against moisture and oxidation 
    • Multi-purpose Lubricant & Releasing Oil 


    • Exceptional wetting and self-spreading power 
    • Seeps into the most difficult places to allow access 
    • Unlocks rusted, stuck or tight mechanisms 
    • Lubricates valves, screws, locks…. 



    • Acts by infiltration, even when cold – will not damage the surface and cannot freeze 
    • Very low viscosity, avoids fouling. 
    • Does not pick up dust or fluff (ideal for looms etc) 
    • Eases machining (drilling, cutting, threading), reduces drill bit and cutting tool wear 
    • Acts as a releasing agent for moulds 


    • Disintegrates rust and deposits a lubricating film 
    • Removes grease and dust 
    • Dissolves dirty oil, tar, glue 
    • Will not affect or damage metal or painted surfaces 
    • Does not contain caustic or acid substances 



    • Displaces humidity and deposits a lubricating film 
    • Does not contain silicone [Safe in Auto Body Shop or Paint Shop environments] 
    • Creates a barrier against oxidation 
    • Operates between -30°C to + 50°C 
    • Avoids short-circuits due to humidity 
    • Eases the maintenance of tools and machine tools 


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