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    Concrete Finisher , Lightweight only 22kg, Fits Through Most DoorwaysISSN: 5678

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    The smart new approach to fast concrete finishing. ASK FOR VIDEO Created for finishing semi-dry (sand & cement) or other concrete floors etc. Specially developed for levelling and smoothing surfaces such as industrial floors, slabs, driveways, garages, cellars, vaults, corrodoors, small rooms, and other tigt areas. Compliments our HERON compactor/levellerand is superb for flooring companies and general contractors in preparation for tiling, underffloor heating etc. Only 60cm wide enables it get through majority of internal doorways with ease. Only 22kg means it can be carried to the site from the van easily by one man. Fingertip control, makes it glide effortlessly across theconcrete for very fast finish.Lighter thanother bull floats or power floats. FULL TECH DETAILS ON REQUEST

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