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  • The simple way to stop the growth of mould, algae on walls, ceilings, grouts etc
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    Mould Stop VC175

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    Stops Mould Mildew, Paint AdditiveFor Mould  Mildew.

    Here's How to get rid of mould...  

    VC175 Mould Stop was developed many years ago to deal with massive house mould problems in the steamy sub tropical climates of Northern Australia and is now available right here.  

    For Mould removal, mould on wall, the answer is Mould Stop  

    What is Mould Stop?  

    Mould Stop is a fungicidal concentrate that can be mixed with any paint or grout.It works by creating conditions where mould spores cannot grow.Most paints do not contain a fungicide because the extra cost of samewould make the paint uncompetitive.  

    Many Applications 

    You will find many uses for Mould Stop

    Mould remediation For example...

    Mould Mildew on Bathroom walls or ceilings

    Poorly ventilated rooms, walk-in wardrobes, mould in basements.

    Outside walls, fences, log cabins etc in vicinity of trees, shrubs etc.

    It can even be added into tilegrout so that your grout will stay looking great and not develop those ugly dark spots.

    How Do I Know it Works?  

    The only solid evidence we can offer you is feedback we regularly receive from the trade. (Painting / Decorating industry). They are a tough bunch to please because their reputations (especially the top guys / gals) are on the line.  

    We have been distributing this great product since 1997 and feedback from the painting trade in particular has been extremely positive. Repeat sales speak for themselves.  

    We regularily interact with professional painter / decorators and they tell us that it is a truly great product that saves them and their clients a lot of grief.  

    So please, take my word for it, VC175 does the business.  

    It will Not remove Mould from Your wall or Ceiling – you must kill / remove that first.VC175 will not remove or kill existing mould and mildew. That can easily and inexpensively be acheived by washing the mouldy area with a 50:50 mix of household bleach and water.  

    After the washing procedure, repaint the area with VC175 Mould Stop added into your paint. This prevents the mould returning for the lifetime of the paint.  

    How Much Mould Stop Will I Need?  

    One 50ml bottle of VC175 Mould Stop treats up to 10 Litres (about 2.5 US Gallons) of any paint. Usually one or two bottles will do the job.(A second bottle will not require extra shipping charge)  

    Don't Suffer in Silence Any Longer, Order Mould Stop Now 

    No need to put up with those unhealthy ugly black mould spots on your walls or ceilings any more, just wash with bleach and water and when dry, roll or brush on a coat of paint which contains VC175 Mould Stop.  

    That’s all there is to it.  

    Prevent mould and mildew with VC175 Mould Stop paint and grout additive  

    Mould Stop Paint Additive Works  

    Stop mould with VC175 Mould Stop  

    For less than €20 (+p&p) you can treat one large or two small rooms.  

    Mould Stop can be at Your Door usually inside 5 working days.  

    Stop mould with VC175 Mould Stop  

    One bottle treats one large or two small rooms.    


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    “I heard about the Mould Stop first from a friend who bought it from you two years ago. He always had problems with mould on the outside of his wooden home and it solved his problem. I bought some last year and for the first time I have not seen mould coming back” 

    By Johan Huldt -Eskilstuna, Sweden, Mould Stop

    "We had a very bad mould problem in one bedroom for years and since we used mould stop we have not seen mould since. Powerful product." 


    By G Hepworth Home Owner, Mould Stop

    “Yes, I purchased your Mould Stop and used it on the top deck of my wooden boat which had mould when the oils broken down after rainwater went in. It had worked well – thank you.” 

    By Christian Oxenvald - Denmark, Mould Stop

    "Several walls in my apartment had terrible blotchy mould problems. My painter recommended mould stop to reduce the problem and I have to say I couldn't believe the difference it has made since. I'd highly recommend it" 


    By Phil Kelly Home Owner, Mould Stop

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